Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Words by Carmen Scott

Here at the Art School, we’re feeling the effects of quarantining and how it can impact the creative flow. At six weeks into Lockdown it can be difficult to feel motivated and connected socially and creatively. To feel inspired can be a challenge when the world around us has changed so much.

Our response to the corona virus is to try to challenge and alleviate some of those Lockdown issues by bringing some creative inspiration to your door and bridging the gap between social isolation and creativity. We've connected with The Exchange Creative Community for this project and would like to extend an inclusive, open invite for collaboration and a chance to challenge yourself by joining us for ‘The Art of Conversation!’

Using the ‘dial up’ theme seen with old telephones and an allocated number/person we invite you to create a piece of art for that person in two days or less! In addition add a question or a statement for or about them such as ‘how are you doing?’ or perhaps ‘I miss having coffee with you’, it’s up to you!

The joyful element of this you can let yourself go wild and use any medium you wish to create your art.

Whether you’re a wizard with analogue collage or painting or drawing, any media is welcome so let your imagination take over! In return, your creative muse is invited to respond with a piece of art for you.

A few details about the piece of art include:

Images sizes should be A4-A3.

In shape format – square, circle or triangle.

On the back of your piece please include the name and number of the two people in conversation!

The aim at the end of this project - and the lockdown - is to hold an exhibition that maps the conversation and the fruits of this project. We’d love to make a statement that highlights how important connection and art are to a community, especially so during a time of profound change!

This project is open to anyone and we’d love you all to participate. We believe everyone has something valuable to say, so please join us for The Art of Conversation!

If you’re interested in taking part - we will invite you to join our ‘Dial for Art’ facebook group.

More info will be supplied there and all our Conversations will take place within the group.

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