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Updated: Jun 30, 2020

During lockdown, in a quiet corner of Morecambe, the static noise of a tuning dial can be heard as people across the world wide web, turn on to Radio New Planet City.

Taking over the frequencies are the dappled vibrations of old favourites and forgotten, undiscovered gems. From 70's groundbreaking electronic post punk to avant garde jazz and lo-fi explorations.

Jump aboard for a sixty minute excursion, great selections, and cool concepts. Listen at your leisure.

Here's how it happened, and a selection of the brilliant and abundant artwork created for Radio New Planet City. There is more than we have space for here, but take a stroll around their other platforms and lounge in the wonders of it all....


"Radio New Planet City somehow emerged from the depths of the lockdown after a friend suggested we make a radio station. Creating an actual radio station proved to be quite a task but in the modern digital world there are always ways.

Myself and Simon Norfolk decided on something using Mixcloud and found it quite straightforward to load up a mix of any length, so away we went!

It soon became apparent how many people were stuck at home with no creative juices flowing and the task of putting together a show became inspiring for many. The shows started flowing in from all sorts of creatives, musicians, artists, music lovers, postmen and even railway signal box operatives.

New Planet City was an adventure playground and general happening venue based on the river Lune in Lancaster from the early 70's (Sainsbury's site). Built and ran by a bunch of counter culture hippies from the university, Jeff Woodhead was one of the founders.

Almost an unimaginable project in today's world and remembered with great affection by now middle aged youths who frequented it.

This was the spirit we wanted for the radio station so appropriated the name. We are now nearing 100 shows in just 3 months and broadcast at least one show a day sometimes up to 3 at weekends, and the shows keep coming in!

An Acid night special ( Jamie Holman Flashback Project ) attracted hundreds of new listeners,

as did a special night celebrating all things Sonic Boom from Spacemen3 with

Pete Kember (Sonic Boom) making an exclusive 60 minute mix for us.

Amongst the ever changing shows submitted we have a few regular shows from good pals and collaborators such as Ben Hall , Molly Bland (who is also part of the in house design team and the logo creator), Lauren & Evie from Potpourri who do a regular slot called Legs 11.

Ash Murphy from Nu Jazz Collective, Deaks of local legends The Heartbreaks.

Local artist Harry Mills, Jamie Holman and our very own Sie Norfolk with his Mind Gardens Show.

Oh and I should mention The Silence Museum show which airs late night Sunday, a place for quiet, escape from the noise.

Although I (Collage for Further Education) do the bulk of the Art work as well as the End of the Pier shows, we encourage our mixers to create a concept for their shows and come up with a name, design and visuals. Watch this space for news about exhibiting the artwork in the future or even compiling a book.

As we come up to 100 shows we'll press pause and have a breather before transmitting again as there are so many exciting shows still to come!

Once the shows are aired you can listen to them again, anytime, here and forever."


Words by Alan Outram

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