The Story of Art School Lancaster...

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Our aims are to bring the creative communities of Lancaster and Morecambe together, by providing a link where we can all share information and creative ideas. A place where we can keep in touch with each other and informed about events and promote the the creative arts for the benefit of everyone.

Lancaster and Morecambe is packed full of art happenings, exhibitions and artists and since the Adult Education at White Cross closed down there have been studios and shops and cafes popping up all over the place offering classes and workshops and exhibition spaces.

There's also a growing number of Creative Communities in Lancaster and Morecambe who promote wellbeing through art, creative pursuits and community engagement.

So... wouldn't it be great if all these places, people & events where in one, easy to find, easy to navigate place!

With all the info you need in order to join a class, find out what workshops are going on this week, to get out and about, meet new people, learn new skills, visit an art exhibition, get inspired or even to buy some art!

These are the very early days of this seedling site. But we have a pile of ideas about how Art School Lancaster can grow!

If you would like to be involved or have any questions please get in touch.

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