An online hub for art classes, creative workshops, exhibitions and events happening within the Lancaster and Morecambe district. 

With all the information needed in one, easy-to-navigate place.

Not-for-profit and run by local artists to promote, encourage and bring people together through art. 


To promote all of our amazing visual arts & crafts for the benefit of everyone.  

The shops, cafes & galleries who show art, the classes and workshops that happen, and the artists and communities who run events and make, show and sell art.  



Art is for everyone!  Participating in Art and Creativity nurtures souls, communities and society. 

Be creative, learn new skills, find new passions. 

Find out about the art happening around us.

Enjoy art,  take part in art  &  buy art!


Everyone can be creative and making art is both relaxing and exciting!

Making art fires up the imagination and lets you express your individuality.

Join a class today to find new passions, share knowledge and make friends.


To connect and provide a virtual space for artists, supporters and fledgling creatives.

To share ideas, advise, inspire and support each other.

To promote visual arts and crafts for the benefit of everyone. 

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